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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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it impossible) that he is to marry a certain miss23: Lord Fitzwilliam24 is supposed another candidate.
Here is a new thing, which has been much about town, and liked; your brother G-al gave me the copy of it:
L'Allemagne craint tout;
L'Autriche risque tout;
La Saviere espere tout;
La Prusse entreprend tout;
La Mayence vend tout;
Le Portugal rec/arde tout;
L'Angleterre veut faire tout;
L'Espagne embrouille tout;
La Savoye se defie de tout;
Le Mercure se mele de tout;
La France acMte tout;
Les Jesuites se trouvent par tout;
Rome Mnit tout;
Si Dieu ne pourvoye a tout,
Le DiaUe emportera tout.
Good night! my dear child: you never say a word of your own health ; are not you quite recovered ? a thousand services to Mr. Chute and Mr. Whittled, and to all my friends: do they begin to forget me ? I don't them.
Yours ever.
MY DEAREST HARRY,                             London, October 31, 1741.
You have made me infinitely happy, but infinitely impatient for Monday se'nnight. I have wished for you more particularly this week, and wanted you all at Sir Thomas
23 Mary, natural daughter of Sir     (1746) Charles, natural son of Q-eneral
Eobert Walpole by Maria Skerrett     Charles Churchill, by Mrs. Oldfleld,
(whom ho married in 1788).   On her     the actress, by whom she had a large
father's promotion to the peerage,     family.
George II granted her the rank of        2*  William    Mtzwilliam    (1719-
an Earl's daughter.   She  married     1756), third Earl Fitzrwilliam.